Friday, October 28, 2005

wilma update


We have power on in Port St Lucie, but they still are without power in West Palm Beach and south of there.

Most of the stores and gas stations are still closed down south.

The stores that are open are not selling any fresh foods. They are low on everything.


The update on restoring everyone’s power is November 22 at the latest.

They hope to have most of the power back on by the 15th of November.


Last night we went grocery shopping and got fresh produce, eggs, milk, juice, bacon, and some meat for Blake’s family. Ken is taking them down today.

They have been taking gas out of the boats to run the generators.




Thursday, October 27, 2005

another wilma update


It looks like a war zone and it was only a category 2 hurricane over here. I would hate to see what a 5 looked like.

They also had flooding problems during Katrina  that we didn’t have.

We are having gas shortages now too,, at the few stations that do have power.

Evidently most people didn’t go out before the hurricane and buy supplies and gas and are now surprised that they can’t get what the want because power is out.

People are complaining that the government is not getting them the supplies that they should have gone out and gotten themselves.

There is only so much the government can do for supplies.

Some of the people have generators, but didn’t buy gas to run them and are now upset because the gas stations don’t have power.



Wednesday, October 26, 2005

wilma update


We survived and now have power back on. Yeah…. We only lost one of the big palm trees. Lee and Susan (neighbors) had a tree go through their roof and have three holes in there roof and a hole in there master bedroom.

The girls have had a great time being out of school for a couple days. The schools in port st lucie are out until Friday.

They have had a great time being in the dark.

We borrowed power for the fridge and freezer from the neighbor’s generator.

Fleet farm and wall-mart and some gas stations were open with limited power yesterday.

The wait at the gas station was 2 or more hrs.

We had a lot less damage here than they did south. Ken’s office building lost the roof.

We will be going down today to check on job sites and the office.

I will write more later and post some pictures.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

getting ready for wilma


We have the storm shutters on and went to the store to stock up on supplies.

We went to the pool for a while since it was still nice out.

We may be out of power for a while so I might not be on the computer working much.


Love & Hugs

Joy N Lang


Friday, October 07, 2005

new (sleaveless) sweater  Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

tasha  Posted by Picasa

Is it really October already????

  I am back in Florida after 2 months in Minnesota. We went up at the beginning of august to take care of Ken’s dad. He was having heart surgery and had a valve replaced and a bypass done. The surgery went well and he is doing great now. He wasn’t allowed to drive for at least a month, so I shuttled him around to doctor’s appointments and therapy. He is now driving again and doing great.

Ken came back down to Florida and worked while I stayed in Minnesota. He hopped back and forth every couple of weeks. It was hard being away from him for so long.

We drove back down on Sunday and got home really late Monday night.

We have started doing school again. We are getting a slow start this year. Hopefully we can get caught up soon.

Mom and dad made the move down to the farm in Windom, Minnesota last weekend. They are done working at Murphy’s Landing. Dad will be work at a packing plant doing maintence work.

We had Jessica’s party on the weekend. She is now 7 and says she doesn’t feel any older or bigger.

I have been working on socks a lot lately. I got a lot done while in Minnesota. I am working on a new pair that is for a swap. My first swap, it should be fun.

I have been doing more currency trading online. I am addicted. I have been getting better and am actually making some money.

Tasha got a hair cut and looks so skinny now, she was full of knots and burrs. She was out at the farm and got in to the burrs. She has been shivering a lot and is now enjoying the warm weather here.