Tuesday, January 17, 2006

FW: update


We went to Orlando for the weekend. We went to old town Kissimmee; they have shops and a carnival. The girls went on the roller coaster by themselves and screamed the whole time. We did some shopping and eating.

On Sunday we went to Disney’s magic kingdom. We did the roller coasters and lots of other rides and shows. We ate too much junk and candy of course. No cotton candy though (sorry mom), we did have cotton candy jelly bellies though. We stayed till 10 and watched the fireworks. It was chilly, low 60’s, in the evening and early morning.

On Monday we went to the pool for a couple of hours and then went to play mini golf. We went out to dinner and had lobsters and crab legs (yummmmm).

We got home late last night and now have to unpack and check email and sort through pictures (160 of them).

Ken and I bought each other gifts online and are waiting patiently (yeah right) for them to be shipped. I bought ken a big screen plasma TV and he bought me a laptop (I really need oneJ).  Ken has wanted a plasma TV for quite a while now. It is more of a family gift, since I will have to watch it too.