Monday, March 30, 2009

An Early Easter Present

I got an early Easter present from Mom and Dad. I got a spinning wheel. It is an Ashford traveler. I have been using Mom’s antique spinning wheel for about a year now and wishing for one of my own. I am very excited and already filled a bobbin this weekend and am now working on filling a second bobbin.

I love my Mom and Dad. They are the best.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

another busy week

The week just seemed to buzz by again. We start the week with very little on the calendar and it just fills itself with appointments, church activities, lunches, dinners and play days.

Monday night Cindi and I went out for dinner and then went to see the movie premiere of “Duplicity”. It was really good. I will have to see it again, I think I missed some of the story line.

Tuesday was girls day out with shopping and lunch at Pizza hut with friends.

Wednesday was chiropractor, a trip to the Mall of America for lunch, and family night at church.

Thursday I had a massage therapy in the morning.

Friday we took Bitty up to Bloomington for the bus ride up to camp. This year they had about 120 kids and chaperones going up. It is about a 4 hour trip up north. They always stop at wall mart on the way up and have some free time to shop. Last year Bitty bought a card game to play with friends at camp. This year Daddy gave her some extra money to spend on another game.

Friday night was church and then early to bed.

Saturday Bubba and I went for breakfast and shopping at IKEA with friends, then Bubba had a play day with some of her friends over for the day. Hubby and I worked outside trimming trees and enjoying the weather. We let bubba pick our dinner spot and she wanted to go to  Old Country Buffet for dinner and then to bed early. She was so tired she couldn’t finish her ice cream. Today we are going to play outside and then go pick up Bitty, they will be back late this afternoon.  




Tuesday, March 10, 2009

lama & wool yarn drying

lama & wool yarn
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I got the lama/wool spun and plyed, and some of the other wool plyed that was already spun. The lama is fabulously soft. I am starting a scarf for Bill the lama guy

Thursday, March 05, 2009

back online


We are back online again. We have internet…..

   The last two weeks have been really busy with unpacking, lunches, dinners, and coffees with friends. We spent last weekend down at Mom and Dad’s and had a party for Dad’s 65th  birthday. I made him new sweatpants and banana bread. I brought home some new fiber to spin (lama from Bill and some of mom’s brown wool).


 I started the February lady’s  sweater. Another photo here.

I finished the socks I was working on only to find out they were too small for me, so they will be going to Bubba.

   We got about 5 inches of snow last week so hubby was able to get the snowmobile out and play. The snow is starting to melt already though, but march is always a good month for snow.