Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last weekend was the Jr High retreat at Big Sandy's Camp. This was Bitty's third year and my first year as a leader. It was very loud. We had 2 buses and four cars from both churches. We left at 5, stopped at Wal-mart for dinner and break and got up there at 9:30 Pm. The weekend was great. The kids were very good, I had a small quiet group. The weather was really nice, even with the light rain on Sat morning. Besides the lack of sleep and too much food and candy, every one had a wonderful time.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

three weeks

It’s been three weeks since Ken’s surgery. He is doing very well considering he had major surgery and was out for over 15 hours. He still has facial paralysis on the right side and is having trouble with his right eye. He can see out of it, but focusing is hard because it is so blurry since he is not able to blink with that eye.

His pain is still really bad, but we think that his bone is bruised and will take a while to heal

His balance is really good, He really has been enjoying going outside for walks on the nice days, we are going about ¼ mile.

The medicines have settled down, he is on about half of what he came home with and had some extras added for the thrush and the reactions he was having to some of the meds. He  still has the Percocet every 6 hours and the oxycodone ever 6 hours. We are still getting up at 4 am for pills, but he has been sleeping better in between.

He has lots of appointment coming up over the next 6 or more weeks; eye, hearing, and facial nerve therapy.

He has been felling good except for the pain and has been going to church, out for pizza with some friends, and running short errands with me.

 He has had lots of visitors, flowers and cards also. He really enjoys the visits with family. We wish some of you were closer so you could visit also (those of you in the nice warm south). J

Thanks for all your prayers and calls.



Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Friday we went in to the clinic to see hubby’s Dr. He has thrush, which is from all the antibiotics that he has been on. His tong and throat are swollen and irritated. He got some more prescriptions pain pills and a new one for the thrush.

Friday night we went to church. It was great seeing friends and everyone was really surprised to see him there so soon.

Saturday we went to the ER, his throat was worse; he didn’t sleep and was having trouble breathing.

The ER Dr had to call the Nero surgeon and get the ok to switch the pain pills and give him some anti inflammatory for the swelling and also put him on Benadryl.

He has been doing much better since, but is having trouble sleeping at night. We went to small group on Sunday night. It was nice to be back and get some good bible study time in.


He had a rough night last night again. He is having trouble sleeping for more than an hour at a time. His head is still really sensitive and he is having a hard time finding a spot that doesn't bother him.

We have a Dr’s appointment with the surgeons on Thursday. Hopefully the staples come out and they will be able to get the pain pills figured out so he can sleep better.

He can tell that his neck and back are out, but can’t go to the chiropractor for at least 3-4 more weeks.

Please continue to pray for complete healing.



Wednesday, March 03, 2010

another update



Ken is home now. He came home yesterday afternoon.  He is doing much better. His facial nerve is still damaged and needs to heal.
Visitors are welcome if you want to come see him. He will be staying put for a while. Email us if you need directions.
We are still asking for prayer for a full recovery.
Thanks for all the prayers. 


Joy N Lang