Sunday, February 20, 2011


We have had a really busy month again.

We had the church couples confence and loved it. Fabulous speeker and fabulous friends.

The girls have been busy with school work, co-op, field trips ( We went up to the MOA for rides), lunch with friends and art classes.

Valentines Day we stayed home and hubby fixed dinner and brought me roses. We had fish, crabcakes, asparagus and carmelized brussel srouts. I made hubby a quilted blanked with some airline blankets we had.

Hubby got the Explorer fixed and running. We bought it before Christmas to fix. It was an auction vehicle that was in an accident. It needed a new backend and some other things. He just got it done yesterday.

I have been keeping my self busy with knitting (mittens and socks), spinning (mom got me some alpaca to make her socks) and Quilting(with the church group and one of my own).

The mittens are for Christmas (if I don’t start now I will never get everything done before Christmas) next year.

It has started snowing again now. The weather last week was low 40’s and now it is 20 again with about 18-20 inches of snow expected with wind. It’s a good thing we get to stay home this morning.






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