Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bubba got her thumb smashed in the car this morning coming home from church. We heard this little owww … that hurt…. and we knew it had to be bad for her to say something. She had tears running down her face and was holding her thumb, which was dripping blood at this point…. We doctored her up and got her an ice pack and put her in the recliner with some ibuprofen.  This time it is her right hand, last time ( about 3 years ago) it was her left. Now she will have matching thumbs with dents in them.

She is now running around playing again… but it got her out of yard work for the day so she is helping me make cookies. Nothing makes an owweee feel better than a warm cookie.


We had a great Mother’s day. Mom and Dad came up for the weekend. We went to the Sheppard’s Harvest Festival again. We took both camera’s and nobody took any pictures of course. We had a great time and the weather was really nice.

I have gotten some spinning done and lots of knitting. I made a baby blanket with the leftover white from the baby dress. Some socks for a friend and some baby socks. I am now working on some mittens and another pair of socks for Christmas. I am starting early on Christmas stuff again this year. I want to get socks and sweaters done for the girls again this year.

Cookies are done and I am heading out to work in the yard and enjoy the sunshine.





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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

This morning Bitty and I are cleaning out the freezer. We have some beef coming and have to make room for it. It is amazing what you can find in the bottom of your freezer. We spent an  hour this morning and wile spend some more time on it this afternoon. I think the next few days will be filled with meals that are a surprise. There is always stuff that gets thrown in there with no label and has to be thawed out to find out what it is.

I also spent some time organizing and bleaching my washcloths this morning. They are looking really grey and I hope the bleach will help. If not, they will become rags.

The weather is starting to get really nice and sunny. All the plants are starting to come up. I have 3 little lilac plants that are not coming back and one spirea bush that didn’t come back, but it looks like most of the baby lilacs and other bushes I moved last year made it.





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